Will any of my drawings be given to a third party?

No. All work is performed in house and no third party will see or receive any of your drawings. If a drawing is sent out, it is only with your permission.


How much information do I need to provide to start a model?

The more information the better. As proven, the more information supplied to the builder the better the model will be. If a craftsman has to guess about something, odds are he will guess wrong.


Can I watch the model being built?

Yes, we invite your input. Make as many visits as you wish or request digital photos. Your Marine Architect is welcome.


Will I get what I expect?

Yes, we want you to know as much about your model before construction ends. A happy customer comes back.


I want to ship my model to trade shows. Will it hold up?

We take extra care in making trade show models more durable. Shake tests are performed before the model leaves our shop.

How much will my model cost?

We will discuss the amount of detail needed on the model. Detail is the most expensive item, it requires labor. Built To Scale’s prices are lower due to the lower overhead of the shop. The quality is high for any amount of detail.

Can I purchase a shipping crate?

A plywood crate is included in your price. We can also make custom crates with metal tongue and groove tracks and latches, handles, and wheels. Hand delivery to trade shows and special events is available.